About Shabby2Chic's Mission

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Our mission is to help single mothers and their dependent children build a healthy foundation through affordable housing and life resources. Shabby2Chic is operated by Shepherd's Village as a social enterprise.

Shepherd's Village Housing


Shabby2Chic provides education and vocational scholarships for Single Mothers residing at Shepherd's Village. This unique residential program helps single moms break the cycle of living from crisis to crisis and opens the door to new beginnings.


  • Advocating for struggling single moms and their dependant children throughout the community and nationally. The Village brings healing, hope, and a healthy future through residential life equipping opportunities.


  • Shepherds Village provides a unique Christian affordable residential program for struggling single mom families seeking an opportunity to build a healthy, stable family environment as they journey from crisis to self-sustainability. The two-year program includes opportunities for spiritual and emotional healing and growth, as well as training in various family, work and life skill disciplines.

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